Acrobatics is a movement form that can be found in a variety of athletic, performing and martial arts. It is an art of balancing, jumping and tumbling with a broad variety of skills that can be performed individually, with partners or in groups. The skills can be static or dynamic and can be practiced individually or combined into sequences.

Proper conditioning and skill progressions are key in developing a safe and rewarding acrobatics practice. Beginners have plentiful options for experiencing the thrill of acrobatics in safe and fun ways by practicing introductory level skills and conditioning sequences with attentive guidance of skillful instructors. 

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Practicing acrobatics is an excellent way to improve your strength, balance, coordination, enhance body awareness, conquer fears, build confidence, and find joy of kinetic experimentation and lighthearted play. 

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Sentence Acrobatic skills have a broad applicability in a variety of movement genres: they can be incorporated into dance routines, martial art practices or even partner yoga sequences.

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In addition to enhancing athletic abilities, acrobatics is an excellent way to improve communication skills. Partner communication is an integral part of acrobatic practices and is often taught as a formal skill.  

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The state of flow is one of the most enjoyable and frequent byproducts of acrobatics practice. It is a state of complete focus and presence where time, space and external concerns disappear.