Sexual energy is the most powerful energy we possess. It literally has power to create life! Conscious Sexuality is a view of and an approach to sexual experience from within that awareness. In conscious sexuality practice, sexual energy is harnessed and mindfully channeled towards cultivating a deep spiritual union between partners. Sexual energy becomes more than a mere physician or emotional experience, it becomes a gateway to spiritual evolution and higher states of consciousness.

To develop ability to connect in this profound way, we must develop awareness and acceptance of ourselves first; our fears, desires, feelings, longings, trauma and other hidden parts of our consciousness that are not expressed in our everyday life. We must become willing to allow those things to come to the surface so they may no longer block our sexual energy from flowing freely. To connect with our pleasure, we must learn to love ourselves fully and let go of toxic emotions such as guilt, shame and fear. 

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Conscious sexuality teachings combine spiritual guidance with practical techniques for freeing sexual energy and creating deep connections. For example, synchronized partner breathing, is a powerful tool for transcending a goal-oriented mindset that is focused on the physical process of sex and moving towards a sensual state connected on the level of subtle energetic body.

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Conscious sex does not require any particular type of relationship, commitment or even the partners’ knowing each other well. Its only prerequisite is complete and total honesty and transparency about each partner’s intentions towards one another. Honesty builds mutual trust and understanding and creates the safety necessary for souls to expand.  


Application of mindfulness techniques is key in conscious sex. In-the-moment presence during lovemaking, enables us to stay connected with our partner and remain perceptive of their energy and non-verbal communication. Any time our mind becomes impatient or drifts off towards a fantasy, we must be able to pull ourselves back into the present. 


Fostering communication skills and vocabulary necessary to successfully communicate about boundaries and agreements is a central component of conscious sexuality workshops at Interfusion. Consent is treated as an ongoing process and is strictly protected. No participant is ever pressured to partake in any experience they do not feel fully eager to engage in.

Conscious Sexuality workshops at Interfusion do not involve intercourse or direct genital contact. Partial nudity and sensual touch may be involved per mutual consent. While it is not required that participants practice with their existing sexual partners, it is noted that arousal and exchanges of sexual energy may occur; the partners are urged to be aware of and make sure they are comfortable with that.