Partner Therapeutics is a combination of Thai Massage, partner yoga, and therapeutic flying. It is a fun, playful and empowering practice with multiple healing benefits for body mind and spirit. 

A typical Partner Therapeutics session begins with partner yoga exercises where partners use breath and each other’s body weight to open and warm the body. It then progresses to therapeutic flying during which “the base” supports “the flyer” with their legs and arms as the flyer’s body extends in gently inverted stretches. The base uses gravity, resistance and sensitive touch to stretch and release the flyer’s body. When the flyer comes down they give the base Thai Massage. The partners may choose to switch between the base and flyer roles or stay in the same roles for the entire experience. 

interfusion partner yoga

Speeds up recovery from strenuous physical activity by relieving muscle tension, decompressing joints and improving lymphatic drainage to flush out metabolic waste out of sore muscles.  


Inverted stretches provide traction to the spine and hip joints relieving compression, improving circulation and providing relief from pain and stiffness. 

Partner-Therapeutics 2

Improves flexibility, coordination and spatial awareness. Ideal for beginners looking to develop comfort with inversions and partner balances and build confidence for partner acrobatics. 


Helps develop trust, sensitivity, full body listening and verbal and non-verbal communication skills; benefits that will extend to many areas of participants’ lives.