A Call to the Light: Become the Change. 

Light warriors. It is time to use your medicine. 

There is a calling on this community. Our Interfusion Family. So many of us feel like we are coming home when we are together, because we each hear the calling from within us. Beckoning us to rise up toward liberation, to embody unconditional love, and to uphold integrity. 

Real unity for our human family requires of us a depth of understanding – not only about the layers of ourselves, but also about the true nature of the beast we are living in as a human collective. 

It is important that we seek the truth in its entirety, as opposed to defaulting into what is convenient.

If you seek to be an agent of change in earnest; or you feel called to support humanity to heal; or you seek to evolve, ascend, and raise your own vibrations to a higher level of consciousness… we have some things we need to talk about. 

The murder of George Floyd by Police and the countless instances of violence toward Black people that continue to mount, has revealed a pain that is reverberating through the entire world. This pain is a symptom of a larger disease – one that is pervasive, wide-spread, and rooted in systemic oppression toward Black people. 

Today, we find a state of humanity that is being moved by an upsurgence of awakening into the reality of this pain. At this moment all over the world, people are being ignited in new ways toward movements for racial justice and social change. 

Some of these conversations might be new, but the issues are not.

It is also true that many people are feeling tired, from having lived with the pain of this oppression their entire lives… Many Black people are exhausted, by the brutal legacies of violence that have affected generations upon generations of their bloodlines. 

Descrimination toward Black people, and violence toward Black bodies are realities that are historically rooted, and are unfortunately still tragically common.

Anti-Black racism includes the systemic oppression toward Black people that exist in all institutionalized spaces of the state. It exists not just in the racial profiling and excessive use of force committed by police departments – but also in the design and operations of the prison industrial complex, schools, local and federal government, healthcare systems, and the list goes on. 

Anti-black racism isn’t even just an ‘American’ issue, it is also upheld by small and large social, political, and cultural power structures, all over the world.

It is a reality that Black communities have been forced to live with for over 400 years. 

Though in 2020 we find ourselves in a historic moment in time, as already mentioned it is really important for us to understand that this is not a “new” issue. It is the original underbelly of the foundation of America. 

So. Now what?

How do we dismantle the systems of oppression? Is it reforming or defunding the police? Is it passing new laws? Is it increasing awareness? Is it protesting? Is it burning everything down? 

How DO we do this?

… In the end there is no one right answer. Rather we must approach this from a multitude of angles and strategies. Because the issue is so large that it can feel overwhelming. 

You can’t topple the entire beast of White Supremacy and Anti-Black racism all on your own. But you can begin by simply taking account and accountability for the things that are within your domain of control. I.e. your own mind, emotions, and behaviors.

Below are a series of ways that we can begin to address these issues as individuals from the inside out. 

Caveat: the process below is written with our non-Black members of the Interfusion family in mind. Not to be exclusionary to our Black family by any means, but because many of those who are now just beginning their journey of awakening into greater consciousness around issues of anti-Black racism, tend to be non-black people. 

With this offering we are aiming to help create a space of solidarity and understanding in hopes of bridging gaps.

Either way, we need to TALK ABOUT IT.

3 Tangible actions you can take toward addressing anti-black racism and social change as personal and collective growth.

1. With your SELF: Engage in honest, vulnerable, and critical self-reflection and introspection

The personal is political, and the political is personal. 

We invite you to ask yourself: 

  • Who am I? 
  • What intersections of identity do I occupy? (gender, race, economic status, etc.)
  • In what spaces do I hold privilege? 
  • In which areas of life do I face oppression? 
  • How do I feel about all of that:
    • in general
    • in the context of anti-Black racism?

It’s about understanding your position(s) of privilege and oppression when it comes to one specific dynamic of the human experience, race.

AUTHENTICITY: Are you being honest with yourself?

“I don’t see color” is not only biologically inaccurate, it displays a willing ignorance to address or even acknowledge the complex dynamics of race. It ignores a legacy that informs the systems we still live within. 

It erases our identities, our histories, our lineages.

“Good vibes only” can be in fact toxic to our path of ascension. We are here to elevate things, yes! Absolutely! Vibrationally, and all of the above. 

But the deep work of healing our collective psyche requires that we all also do the internal work of unearthing the pain, shame, and internalized toxic thoughts and behaviours. Full stop. 

And that work my friends, is not always pretty. It hurts, and it ugly-cries, it risks everything. It’s deeply necessary, like the flames of transformation that turn to ashes of fertility… giving life to new possibilities. 

It provides a portal for creating a new way. A better way. 

Ask yourself:

  • Where do you stand? 
  • What can you learn?
  • How can you help?
  • Why are you here?
  • Who are you choosing to be?

    2. With OTHERS: Have difficult conversations. 

Create safe space, cultivate vulnerability, embody compassion.

We need to have open and honest conversations about Anti-black racism. These are deeply challenging exchanges between humans, when we allow ourselves to open up and give voice to truths that don’t often see light. 

Issues of race and identity can be deeply triggering topics of discussion for many people on many different levels. So compassion is really key. Hold the conversations in the energy of kindness, patience, understanding. The real work happens when we open up about our greatest fears, vulnerabilities, insecurities, and shame in a safe space. 

Resist the temptation to think in generalizations, check assumptions, converse to learn – not to defend or to win. There is so much here for us to process… as individuals, as a community, and as a species. Let’s talk. 

Seek elders for wisdom. These conversations have been happening, for a very long time.

3. For the COLLECTIVE: Commit to making change through allyship. 

  • ENERGY & TIME: Devote to the loving and yet deeply challenging labor of learning, supporting, making different decisions, stepping back/up, leveraging or giving up your privilege and resources to try create a better way to exist together.
  • HUMILITY: Commit to your personal growth, and thus a posture of the eternal learner. Check your self importance. The saviour complex is a little sneaky – sometimes you can have it before you realize you do. 

Maintain integrity. 

Check your unconscious biases: which means be open to the idea of being wrong; to the process of un-learning the poisonous defaults; and awakening to new perspectives and possibilities. And to grow, and co-create what it means to be a real agent of change.

In the end…

The purpose of solidarity work, and any social justice movement that hopes to have long-lasting effects is for those who are doing the work to BECOME the change. Embody the change, the courage, and the boldness that it takes to dismantle a system of oppression that has taken hold of human societies for hundreds of years. 

We must understand, un-learn, and dismantle the all-pervasive systems of oppression that surround us and take up space within us. We are the fish inside the tank, being asked to challenge the water we have been swimming in our whole lives. Many are waking up to realize for the first time that the water that has held us, fed us, nurtured us, grew us, provided home for us… is poisoned. And we all have ingested it in ways that have remained invisible to us. It’s time to see it for what it is. 

It’s time for that internal work family.

Let’s go get it.


Sun a.k.a Phoenix