DJ Jem

DJ Jem


DJ Jem (Jessica Jamilla) has been spinning for the Boston Brazilian Zouk scene since 2012.   In the early years it was normal for her to show up to the socials with her iPod to share her passion for music with the small group of dancers and friends that were working hard to build a dance community.  Out of curiosity she started to spend time behind the scenes watching various DJ’s weave their magic on the dance floor.

For Jem, DJing is about an emotional connection to the dance through the power of music. It is a remarkable feeling to craft a musical journey wherein dancers can feel inspired to express themselves fully.

As a resident DJ at I Heart Zouk Radio you can hear Jem broadcast live every week.  Jem is also part of the IHZR core team as scheduling manager.  She enjoys supporting the growing dance community by organizing, volunteering and DJing events both locally and internationally.  You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram and you can hear her play at iheartzoukradio.

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