Adam Konner


Fuzzy 2

Adam Konner (they/them) is a nomadic educator of consent, contact improvisation, co-ops, and alternative economic and monetary systems. They have been teaching classes and workshops on various topics to both children and adults for over 15 years. They also work as a freelance web and software developer, a worker co-op consultant with Collective Seeds Consulting Co-op, and the Executive Director of Common Good Washtenaw, a community currency. They are currently practicing conscious vagabondage after leaving their former home base in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

After experiencing a number of painful accusations of consent violations and not understanding why—largely related to many years of living with mostly unexamined privilege—Fuzzy became obsessed with learning the “rules” of consent. What they found was a mess: conflicting concepts, clashing cultures, unclear and inconsistent definitions, and a bunch of absolute rules that conflict with the reality of human relationships. Disappointed with the quality of the information out there, they started compiling a consent guide—mostly to get clear on their own practices in relationships. They soon met and joined forces with Emma, and found that many other people were hungry for this material as well!