Alisson Sandi


Alisson Sandi 2022

Alisson Sandi began his dance career at the age of 15 in São Paulo, Brazil where he was born. Over the years he trained in Brazilian Dança de Salão, Street Latin and International Ballroom dancing under the methodology of Alex de Carvalho, Renata Peçanha, Jaime Arôxa, Rodrigo Delano, and other Masters.

In 2007, he moved to Perth (Australia) where he joined Juan Rando Dance Academy (JRDA) to start the Brazilian dance scene from scratch and continue developing it for the following 10 years. He also trained multiple teachers/dancers who have become international artists, and others who have opened their own school. During his time in Perth he also met Audrey Isautier and together they became one of the top worldwide Brazilian Zouk Couples between 2010-16, travelling to over 41 countries to share their knowledge and passion.

In 2017 he decided to take up a challenge and moved to Melbourne to help growing and upgrading the local Brazilian dance scene with his fun classes and focused training courses. He also created ‘BraZouky’ - Worldwide Brazilian Dance Festival, which hosts over 300 people and is also a fundraising event which gives dance scholarships for disadvantaged teens and kids in under privileged communities around the world.

Now in 2019, Alisson has decided that it is time for another challenge and has moved to Washington DC (USA) to join District Zouk and their passionate team. Having visited DC back in 2015, he fell in love with the community and when deciding which city to go to, he had District Zouk as his first pick. Alisson is super excited to join the DZ family and help the dance community grow healthier and stronger!

Alisson loves to push himself and currently holds the following titles:

  • 2x Pro World Zouk Champion
  • 3x Pro Australian Zouk/Latin Champion
  • Winner/Finalist of various BZDC All Stars/Champions Jack and Jill Comps and Invitationals.

Alisson has been an official head judge and an important member for the Brazilian Zouk Dance Council since its first competition event in 2014. And he is one of the founders and the first choreographers of the International Zouk Flash Mob/International Zouk Day which has been running yearly since 2012.

In late 2018, Christina Montoya (USA) went to Australia to train with Alisson and together they won the Australian World Champion in the Mixed Latin Category with the highest partner couple score of the competition. Since then, they have started an exciting partnership and are looking forward to sharing their passion with the world.

In one of his latest adventures in 2020 mid pandemic, that’s proven to be very successful, is the start of the ‘ZoukNerds’ group on Facebook. His desire to learn, share and connect with the community has grown by over 3k active members, and growing rapidly daily. In this group, Alisson hosts interviews and discussions with key members of the community and also facilitates deep and knowledgeable conversations via posts in the group where members feel heard, welcomed and safe to ask questions and share their experiences.

Alisson has a passion for teaching and is always striving for innovative ways in which to overcome technical and personal challenges. He is known for his attention to detail and effective instruction in dance techniques.