Biff Bifareti


Biff Bifareti 2022

Biff has over seven years experience teaching handstands, inversions, and calisthenics in one-on-one, group, and large workshop settings to students of all ages and experience levels. Starting in 2014, Biff has taught weekly Handstand classes and workshops at a wide variety of gyms, studios, and fitness events in and around the DC area. He completed the ACE personal training certification in 2012, the Action Personal Training certification in 2017, founded, and has trained under the guidance of several world-class handbalancing artists. Known for his high energy teaching style; Biff loves to share his knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. He enjoys helping his students have fun, build their mind-body connection, and achieve their fitness goals. In addition to hand balancing, Biff enjoys reading, rock climbing, hiking, and dancing.