DJ Chapibol


DJ Chapibol 2022

DJ Chapibol started DJ'ing back in 2013, first as an EDM DJ. Later when he picked up Latin dancing as a hobby, he became DNC2Beat dance company's resident DJ for their Bachata and Salsa events. Early 2019 while part of District Zouk Dance Company he started DJ'ing Zouk and has now been booked regularly for Zouk socials trough-out the DMV area. DJ Chapibol has also started getting booked for festivals such as Capital Congress 2019, Interfusion Festival 2020 and Zouk Heat 2020.

DJ Chapibol puts a lot of effort when picking songs for his audience making sure the songs chosen have an identity and a soul to them while also making sure they are danceable, whether they are popular remixes, original Zouk songs or Zoukable tunes. He will take you on a journey during a set bringing you up and high then back down to chill town and when the time is right, take you back up again.