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DJ Shango a Burning Man DJ, a Philadelphia, DC & Jersey based DJ, Bringing indigenous and world sounds that uplift, enlighten and open the chakras, Shango brings his vision to life through the motion and raw power on the dance floor. Art and music collide, healing the audience of their traumas using movement, chanting, affirmations, crystal vibrations, live drummers, and tribal body art. Shango’s ancient futuristic artform creates a constant flow of physical and ethereal release within the audience, purposefully increasing the power and influence of the healing energy directed toward the crowd each event, creating a massive healing movement in Philadelphia and beyond. Shango intends to continue fortifying his spiritual works, praying that he can help to bring light and love to as many light beings as he can. Through his music, art, spirit practices and positive energy, Shango will be a beckoning light for all those looking to bridge the gap between spirit and music! And so it is (Ase’).

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