GiGi Holliday


GiGi Holliday 2022

GiGi Holliday is Washington D.C.’s resurgence of glitz, glamor, and allure. Armed with eyelashes and an arsenal of glitter she has enticed audiences with her clever blend of sass and wit. Lady GiGi Holliday had her start after studying the art of burlesque in Trixie Little’s Burlesque Bootcamp and graduated in May 2010 with a double major in class and sass and a minor in tit-elation. When she is not melting her milk chocolate beauty all over the audience, she uses her business attitude along with hard work. She is the Entertainment Director, premier host and dancer for L’Enfant Café La Boum Series, owner of Studio Holliday Burlesque Studio, Owner and Creative Director of Gi² Productions, and Co-Founder and Co-Producer of Capital City Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival. “September 8, 2016 spoke for Creative Morning’s  D.C. titled “Strip off your clothes and find your weird” which discusses the art of burlesque and the creative process.  In 2020, GiGi became a member of The House of Knyle, and 2021 debuted at number 40 on the Top 50 Burlesque list.  In 2022, GiGi Holliday jumped 30 spots in 365 days to number 10 on the Top 50 Burlesque list. In 2022, GiGi jumped 30 spots in 365 days to number 10 on the Top 50 Burlesque list. Winner of Hottest Freshman of 2021 at the NY Burlesque Festival, Vice President of the Board of Directors for Burlycon, and co-host of "Yes, A Stripper" podcast, GiGi Holliday is a D.C. Legend and NY’s Rising star, “D.C. Legitimate Love Child” enjoys the spotlight heating her up and showing you some “Chocolate City Tittie”.