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Irene Sposetti is a multidisciplinary performing artist, teacher and dance creative. She studies drama, classical music and dance. Her dance practice is mainly inspired by contact improvisation, instant composition techniques, experiential anatomy, martial arts, bodywork, yoga and meditation practices.

While originally from Italy, for the last twenty years Irene has been living, travelling and working abroad as an independent freelancer. She is offering dance training, making performances and lectures in universities, schools, companies, festivals, cultural institutes, and independent platforms throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Irene artistic path has been influenced by many different cultures and is deeply intertwined with self-inquiry investigations and practices.

The main theme of Irene’s movement research is Improvisation. Through her practice, she aims for a heightened state of presence, increased awareness in the body, effortless motion, and a broadening of the technical and investigative skills of the mover. Irene is interested in intuitive learning processes, empowering individuals, and promoting independent research and artistic projects. She explores inner and outer ecology - believing that a healthy and creative relationship with the body can generate awareness, trust and authenticity in our lives as individuals and as a collective.
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