Jess Crutchfield


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Jess Crutchfield is a passionate and inspiring teacher and coach, transplanted from Baltimore, MD to the Boulder, CO area in June 2020. She is a devoted practitioner of yoga, specializing in hatha yoga, kriya yoga, breathwork, and Thai yoga bodywork. Her dedicated focus is to educate and stand alongside others to raise awareness of the self from the “inside-out;” through her practice she is a catalyst for deep change for her clients. As a guide for others on the road towards living their most vital life, Jess incorporates her studies in functional medicine & health coaching through the Kresser Institute giving her the tools to assist her clients from a holistic framework. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work and her open heart approach aligns with her vision of a world with people that are more aware - beginning from within, allowing the health and clarity that exists within to manifest into their outer world. You can see more of her work at  Jess lives and teaches by the truth that “the body has an incredible, innate capacity to heal itself, if only given the chance.”