Jonelle Lesniak


Jonelle Lesniak 2022

Jonelle's mission is to help people feel the courage and freedom to express themselves, be themselves, and free themselves; to be heard and seen while doing it; and to uncover the unique purpose that can drive their lives. She comes to Interfusion Festival with experience in organization development, enterprise strategy and culture, leadership coaching, community organizing, project management, and workshop design and facilitation. As a certified positive psychology practitioner and coach, she embeds neuroscience and evidence-based interventions for wellbeing into all of her work.

In 2019, Jonelle and co-founder Lindsay Bigda began the Movement for Healing Project based in Washington, D.C., which cultivates collective spaces to explore how community, connection, conversation, and body-centered practices can support healing in life after loss.

Jonelle is also project manager of Interfusion Festival and a Board of Directors member. As project manager, Jonelle helps the Interfusion team continuously improve in organizational efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately helping create seamless experiences for our artists and community. You can learn more about her at her website.