Lisa Adams


Lisa 2022

Lisa Adams is a Renegade Mystic, Priestess, Astrologer, Intuitive, Wise Woman and Catalyst whose fierce dedication to self-growth fuels her passion to help others. Lisa helps Lightworkers and Creatives overcome limitations to craft extraordinary lives, businesses, and relationships on their own terms. She was born to teach and Priestess the ancient, esoteric, and sensual arts. Her coaching work is centered on teaching people about their spiritual and energetic gifts, honing in on, and developing, their sixth senses. Lisa has been a Holistic Health professional for 30 years, majored in Religion & Women’s Studies, is a Reiki Master and an ordained minister. Lisa’s passion is learning and evolving. She is always learning new things, getting new certifications (the list is long) and developing her skills towards mastery. Since 1999, Lisa has facilitated countless rituals and workshops, organized festivals, retreats and events. Lisa fiercely believes that Sacred Ceremony is a key to healing and transformation in communities, and throughout the world. She is the force behind The Renegade Mystic and co-creatrix of Invoking Shakti - a project that empowers and inspires women to create change and healing in the world.