Natalia Pcholkina


Natalia Pcholkina 2022

Natalie loves exploring the world through dance. It has brought her to 30+ countries where she performed, taught, trained, moved and enjoyed every minute of it! Dance has created countless memorable experiences that shaped her as a person and as an artist - from teaching underprivileged girls in India to raising her students into world champions out of a war zone.

Natalie has performed with numerous choreographers and dance theaters. She holds a silver orld Championship in modern dance, Croatia 2014) and has worked as a conditioning coach witmedal (Wh athletes from several Olympic and Paralympic teams. She trained dancers who later joined Ukrainian National dance team and helped them become world champions in modern dance 4 years in a row.

She sees dance as powerful means of tapping into feelings and emotions, creating a discussion of sensitive topics, learning about yourself and others and hopes that her passion for the arts is contagious!