Stephanie Metzger


Stephanie Metzger 2022

Stephanie is a local Salsa and Bachata instructor in D.C and was awarded Best Female Dance Instructor of 2019 by DCBX. She teaches with Salsa with Silvia and The Salsa Room (TSR). Stephanie started out as a Ballroom dancer and then fell in love with Bachata while living in the Dominican Republic. She trained in Salsa On2 and Sensual Bachata in Santo Domingo, and then moved to Cali, Colombia and trained in Salsa CaleƱa, Salsa On1, and Bachata with Salsa Pura.

Stephanie also runs an event called Latin Dancing for Nerds, where she teaches bachata and salsa at comic book stores and gaming/cosplay festivals to those not typically in the dance scene. Stephanie loves sharing her love of dance through teaching to different communities. During the day Stephanie is a Middle School Spanish Teacher, and loves to incorporate dance and music into her classes.