Tom Fro-Yo Lev



LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 25: Fashion, Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer Greg Doherty shoots Tom Lev at TAP - The Artists Project on April 25th 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images for The Artists Project)

Molded in the fox holes of the holy land by fire and hummus, and ever struggling to understand humans, Tom is a former Israeli army captain, who fulfilled a dream of Breakdancing that he held since age 12. Soon after he found himself in a strange, far away land, training with the Jedi Master of funk, an ageless myth named Shabba-Doo.

As a serious man with a funny name, he taught him how to “get down” like he once did on "Soul Train", but also to look beyond movement and into his feelings, to find intention and tell a story. “Anyone can dance to the beat, I want you to dance to the music”, he exclaimed, before slowly fading away to the ether cinematically.

Trying to understand what that means, he spent countless hours of researching psychology, neuroscience, acting techniques, and meditation. He then emerged - a beautiful curled butterfly, holding priceless knowledge about dance, expression, emotion, and the connection between them, and a passion to share it with others.

“Dance is a language” was born.

More than anything else, Tom found his passion for teaching, and more specifically - teaching empathy and awareness, helping others understand humans better, and teach everyone how to create safe spaces for expression and awesome conversations - through dance.