Yonah Levy


Yonah Levy 2022

For over 17 years, Yonah Levy has been guiding people back to peace and from there to thriving as a Counselor, Transformational Coach, Business Wellness Consultant, and Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher.

Yonah studied Behavioral and Social Psychology and received five years of Humanistic Counseling training from a psychologist taught by Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. Yonah has worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life, helping them move beyond inner blockages and optimize their lives.

Yonah has been practicing and teaching Mindfulness and meditation for over two decades. He learned from disciples of Sri Chinmoy for one year and has spent several years learning from Dr. Tara Brach and others through continuous self-study. He has completed multiple Vipassana courses under S.N. Goenka, based on teachings of the Buddha rooted in 25 centuries of tradition. Yonah leads drawing from thousands of hours of meditation study, practice, and facilitation.

Yonah blends Western science and psychology with Eastern, indigenous, and intuitive practices. His positive, holistic approach works with the fundamentals of the whole person.

Teaching from the core principle that we create our reality, Yonah helps people hone their personal power through mental, emotional, and physiological state shifting practices. Yonah helps people improve the quality of their lives through Mindfulness, meditation, changing thinking and behavioral patterns, and practical action.