Alicia Carlyle

Alicia Carlyle


Alicia Carlyle started finding joy in movement during childhood by climbing trees, exploring the woods, dancing, learning music and swimming. After finding tumbling, her concerned and intelligent mother enrolled her in gymnastics lessons. From then until junior high she explored floorwork and many different apparatuses. When she reached high school she developed a deep interest and showed a proficiency for music theory, singing and learning to play many instruments. She learned to play the clarinet, trumpet, piano, drums in high school. After graduation she fell in love with playing the guitar and has had trouble putting it down to spend more time learning the ukulele since.

Alicia has been a massage therapist since 2014, has been doing Acroyoga since 2018 and received her Acroyoga certification in 2022. She feels there is a deep connection between movement, therapy, music and fitness. Sedentary lifestyles are becoming more prevalent and convenience culture has created a complacency towards movement and fitness. Alicia feels the bond that is created in personal touch helps empower others in rising above personal fitness expectations and goals by ‘lightening the load’ or by accelerating the healing and recovery process with bodywork. By adding AcroYoga as a branch of practice to her skills, she hopes to provide an environment to encourage her clients, students, family and friends to bond and grow in fun, acrobatic or therapeutic movement.

Music, art, therapy, movement and cultivating personal happiness is something she pursues with ferocity but also assists in guiding others to find as well in their own lives. Alicia continues to cultivate her own happiness in her life as well as in her garden as she encourages others to do the same. She hopes to one day bring a whole body practice that she can use to help guide others to have more connectivity and awareness in their body, food they consume and activities they pursue.

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