Amy Leigh Curry

Amy Leigh Curry


Over the years, I have tried a variety of different kinds of therapies, I attended countless workshops, classes, programs, and trainings. I developed an insatiable desire to learn about myself, others, and the world around me. I felt a deep sense of frustration that so much of what I was taught in my younger years now seemed incorrect or irrelevant, going into adulthood, but that frustration motivated me to find new ways of being, better ways of communicating, and sweeter ways of loving.

With this beautiful new information and skillset, I now help others who are going through their own journeys of self discovery.I work with individuals, couples, groups, and communities who are enthusiastically seeking better ways of living, loving, and relating. I offer individual and relationship coaching, group classes, weekend workshops, and long-term community support.

I help people create clarity, emotional safety, and resilience in their lives and relationships.I guide people through the process of uncovering and embodying their true selves.I create a judgment-free environment, where your authentic self is welcomed, and we work together to uncover the parts you’ve been holding back and usher those into the light of day. You deserve to be seen, heard, understood, accepted, and appreciated.

This work will open your heart and mind, expand your capacity for empathy and compassion, and provide you with the tools to improve your quality of life. If this feels like work you are a “hell yes” about, I invite you to apply to work with me.


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