Ashley Kent

Ashley Kent


Ashley Kent has been dancing from an early age, including training in jazz, tap, ballet, modern, west African dance, salsa, kizomba, Brazilian zouk, and lambada. She got hooked on afro-latin partner dancing while living abroad in Ghana and Sudan. When she was introduced to Brazilian zouk in Washington DC in 2012, she fell in love with it.

Ashley helped build the thriving Brazilian zouk community that exists in DC today, founding District Zouk in 2014 and offering consistent weekly classes since then. She has continued her own training via trips to Brazil, professional development programs, one-on-one training with some of the top international instructors, and cross-training in other dances.

Seeing new people fall in love with Brazilian zouk and lambada and grow in their own dance journey keeps her energized. Ashley loves sharing her love for this dance, building community, encouraging people to learn both roles in partner dances, and creating explosive moments of musicality.

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