Carmelle Miriam

Carmelle Miriam


Carmelle Levia is a musician and a peace warrior. She is a tri-lingual world traveler and a passionate vegan.

Her musical inspiration is drawn from various mystical traditions from around the world, including Sufi Quawalli music, Hindu devotional music (bhajans), Native American medicine music, reggae, and music coming from the Jewish mystical tradition (aka the Kabbalah)

Carmelle believes all mystical traditions point to love, compassion, harmony, humility and respect. She believes that vocalization is a vital tool for interfacing with the etheric field and for bringing ourselves—both physically and non-physically—into harmony with the frequency of love. She has come to teach us that we are capable of generating our own medicine using the subtle power our own voices.

Carmelle dreams to spread a message of joy, peace and healing throughout the world through music.

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