Derrick Lopez

Derrick Lopez


Evelyn and Derrick will be sharing their love and passion for the dance, gratefully combining the beauty of being in love together. Together they are encouraging and inspiring students to be open-minded with the dance, to explore your natural flow thinking outside the box, and to love the creation the body allows to give in the moment, accomplishing the Brazilian ‘Neo’ Zouk in fine detail.

About Derrick:

Derrick was born in Hawaii.
Early 90’s, Derrick moved to California where he first got into breakdancing.

He learned about power moves, which is a form of West Coast B-Boy gymnastics – break dancing.
This way of dancing focused on spinning (windmills, air-flairs, halos), punch lining positions and so on.
From this childhood experience, Derrick increased his body mechanics, strength, flexibility and awareness, which led to competitions, showcases, cyphers, and dance battles.

Ballistik Crew, Waikiki B-Boys, 808 Breakers and SoulShifters Crew is Derrick’s dance lineage.
His favorite part of B-Boying was training with the Boys, having fun, building each other up, becoming confident and supporting one another.
Doing this for decades, making him an OG of hip hop in the Pacific.

Derrick has taught Break Dancing professionally in both California and Hawaii.

Adding “House” dancing in the repertoire, Derrick crewed up with SoulShifters Crew, a Hip-Hop urban crew that specializes in improv, creativity, and art such as: making music, dancing (house), b-boying and graffiti.

Spending years working on body awareness through dance, Derrick naturally fell in love with Calisthenics and Yoga as well.

Coincidentally, at the beginning of 2016 Derrick’s first Zouk experience was an Island Zouk photoshoot with Kamacho. Shortly after that, he met Evelyn Magyari on a beach in Hawaii and “BOOM” (chick chick) the rest is history… Derrick’s wife Evelyn taught him the world of Zouk. Similarities of different dance forms have refreshed their dance experience, creativity and passion for movement. Derrick and Evelyn love to train, learn from others, build, create and link traditional movement with the new.


Join us and learn how to integrate their techniques, complimenting your movements with breath and to nourish your dance and your whole self from the inside out.

Their approach will guide you to challenge yourself to grow in new ways ​​💃

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