DJ Kalcidony


DJ Kalcidony IF1

DJ Kalcidony, originally from Hyderabad, India, brings her energetic sets, smooth transitions and keen ear for music and details to every space she enters. With music as her guide she continues to perfect her craft by taking you on a musical sound experience to keep your spirits soaring and your feet moving as you dance away! 

Homemaker extraordinaire by day and DJ by night, she gives her DJ credit to her mentors DJ Jair (Carlos Cardoso) and DJ Pat (London).  She has shared her passion on various platforms, such as Brasils Night Club, where she has a standing Kizomba night, Mukondu with Mastre Petchu, The Steel City Kizomba Festival, The All Black Scorpio Affair and The NEXTOne to name a few. 

Her repertoire includes: Kizomba, Semba, CaboZouk, Coladera, Ghetto Zouk, Konpa, AfroZouk, AfroBeats, AfroHouse, Tarraxinha, and Bachata.

Join DJ Kalicdony on SoundCloud to hear some her musical stylings: