Evelyn Lopez

Evelyn Lopez


Evelyn and Derrick will be sharing their love and passion for the dance, gratefully combining the beauty of being in love together. Together they are encouraging and inspiring students to be open-minded with the dance, to explore your natural flow thinking outside the box, and to love the creation the body allows to give in the moment, accomplishing the Brazilian ‘Neo’ Zouk in fine detail.

About Evelyn:

Evelyn is one of the most sought-after Brazilian Zouk artist, dance instructor, and choreographer in the world. She was born in Transylvania (Romania) and grew up in the Netherlands.

In 2006 she was confronted with her destiny “Brazilian Zouk”, where she fell in love with the dance which has been her passion ever since. Over the years, while studying and working abroad within her professional dance career, Evelyn has performed and taught in several countries all over the world. Evelyn partnered with many prolific Zouk leaders like Pasty, Adilio Porto, Mafie Zouker, Xandy Liberato and many more at international congresses.

According to Evelyn, dancing Zouk is, “Surrendering in the moment with a balanced mental and physical state, combining creativity through inner-beauty, while existing in harmony with the music”.

Evelyn embodies a unique approach to dance – an art of moving, expressing and interpreting the music internally, and from your heart. Her talents inspire dancers around the world to express their dance from their souls.


Join us and learn how to integrate their techniques, complimenting your movements with breath and to nourish your dance and your whole self from the inside out.

Their approach will guide you to challenge yourself to grow in new ways ​​💃

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