Gary Grisham


Gary Grisham bio photo 1

Life long learning and life long lovin’! Daily filling and emptying his cup with martial arts practices and philosophy, adventuring, curious conventions, movement exploration and educating, cold exposure and choosing quality time with those who bring laughter into the mix often. Whether on the mats or barefoot somewhere else, Gary strives to walk the talk for genuine connection, encouraged challenge, and continuous serious play with intentions to better serve the community, his family and to leave our planet better than we found it.

Gary has been studying martial arts since age 5, and teaching under Jamie Webster of Webster’s Martial Arts Academy in Decatur, AL since age 12. At 18 he moved to the Midwest to continue training/teaching at another martial arts school for 4 years. During this time he found yoga and quickly made weekly classes a non negotiable while exploring the different movement offerings Denver had to offer. At 23 he went to Miami for a month long TT intensive at Budokon Mixed Movement Arts University where he met his now wife and fellow ninja partner Solveig(Sunny). They have been together since traveling back to Budokon Uni each year, leading classes in Norway, and managing and instructing at studios in NC and Baltimore. They now live nomadically for the time being under the name NorwEnglish Nomads, which is a summation of their embodied lifestyle as movers and thinkers, community builders and eternal students.