Ry'el Zenzouk


Ry’el (Henry Velandia) A1 1x1

Ry’el (Henry Velandia ) Performer, choreographer, instructor, and Creator of ZenZouk , a method of teaching Brazilian Zouk lambada and overall body movement through multiple exercises and philosophies based on the “elements” Including earth water fire, and air- as symbols for analyzing dance and personal movement. 

Ry’el main aim is to educate and cultivate the appreciation and love for our instruments (our bodies) through mindfulness, body awareness, Solo movement, and partner dancing. Building a strong foundation of versatility by embracing the evolution of the classics techniques found in the origins of our dance (Lambada) and sharing his personal movement experiences and explorations in other dance forms.

His rich formal dance training in classical ballet, jazz, World Jazz, modern dance, Ballroom (International Latin), and social dances like Salsa, Bachata, cha-cha, and different Brazilian Zouk styles enables him to understand, share & create flavorful and fluid organic movement in each of his works as well in his teachings. His expressive sensuality and trained eye for technique through his Body and Mind connections philosophies make a unique class experience, online and in person.  

Ryel has traveled internationally and across the US - Teaching Salsa and then Brazilian Zouk and Lambada. He has competed in both styles, performed, and taught in many venues and well-respected events across the globe. He had the pleasure to work with his super talented beautiful sister Clo and currently with the Magical Jessica Lamdon.