Sara Ness

Sara Ness


Sara Ness is a facilitator, teacher, and community-builder who is internationally notorious for popularizing the field of Authentic Relating.

Among other things, she co-founded and ran two of the longest-running AR communities in the world, compiled the source text used by tens of thousands worldwide (the AR Games Manual), and built an online platform for AR and Circling practice that ran events for more than 1200 consecutive days. For almost a decade, she has been the CEO and Chief Catalyst at Authentic Revolution, the only primarily woman-owned and -led company in the Authentic Relating and Circling field.

Sara has worked with tens of thousands of students and leaders in sectors from Google to Mindvalley to Burning Man. She is passionate about exposing the joy of human connection and exploring our creative potential through relationship. Her current project is a typology of communication styles called the Relating Languages. She lives in a tiny home on a community farm just outside of Austin, Texas.

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