Solveig Skutvik


Sunny 1a

Solveig (sunny) Skutvik is a Budokon Mixed movement teacher that is now living the Nomadic life for the upcoming while. The purpose of this chapter in life is to travel, learn more about herself and the world, pick up more tools to carry in the tool box, and share her passion with as many people as possible while she explores the beauty this world has to offer.

Since Sunny was young, moving the body has always been a big fascination and a big daily desire. What excites Sunny is the human body’s endless potential to move. Exploring that potential is one of her passions that she loves sharing with others. Her intention is to help her students get closer to their full potential, to be more playful (realizing that life doesn’t always have to be so serious), to give people an opportunity to challenge themselves mentally and physically, and hopefully walk out of the experience with a more open mind.