Yesi Harrison

Yesi Harrison


Yesi has been a lifelong student of dance. Her first salsa and bachata lessons began in the kitchen of her Abuela’s house, where she was instilled with the importance of learning culture and history as keys to learning a dance. As she grew her passion for love and dance grew as well. In 2014 she joined Alma Detroit Salsa & Bachata teams, where she studied under Marc Brewer and Kiri Chapman. 

In 2016 she added Urban Kizomba and Brazilian Zouk to her dance repertoire. Yesi has traveled extensively, both abroad and locally studying tirelessly under some of the top names in each genre. Yesi then began a career as an Urban Kizomba teacher, quickly rising to be one of the most sought after teachers in North America. 

On the dance floor she is known for her solid technique, captivating creativity and playfulness. As a teacher she is known for her ability to make dance accessible to everyone through thoughtful and engaging classes. Her goal is to always bring out the best in each of her students.

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