Challenge yourself by connecting your athleticism and creative movement into a single whole. Interfusion Festival’s Athletic Arts program is open to all skill and fitness levels. Taught in a non-competitive, supportive and encouraging atmosphere, athletic arts are a great way to exercise, have fun and connect with like-minded spirits.

These high-intensity practices will build your physical endurance, agility, strength and grace and boost your confidence in everything you do.

Martial Arts

Art of peace fostering situational awareness and self-defense skills.


Afro-Brazilian tradition that combines martial movements, dance, acrobatics, and music.


Performance art showcasing skills of balance, agility and motor coordination.

Hula-Hoop Dance 

Discover full present-moment awareness through creative prop manipulation.

Our Program

 Interfusion Festival’s Athletic Arts program embraces the sport, art and cultural dynamics of practices facilitated by world known instructors. We strive to live up our full potential and we fully and wholeheartedly support those around us who strive for the same.