Battle Cry

Calling all lights to activation. 

Calling to the souls and hearts in our community of evolutionaries. 

Calling to the core of your reason for being here on this earth. 

You are alive, now. Not by accident, but because the earth needs you at this moment. 

Your strength in spirit is more valuable, than any amount of fear that could convince you into contraction or self-derision.  

The earth is purging. There is casualty. There is calamity. There is death. There is uncertainty. 

The storm is deadly, and the winds are strong. But do not allow this to take away your ability to ground into the center your core – to root, nourish, and grow. 

This is a calling, to all of us that are here to be a force of light in this world. 

To become the change we wish to see – we must learn how to endure, how to weather storms, and navigate from the directive of the inner compass. 

Our external eyes have limited visibility. Our inner sight is the key to clarity. 

There is a seed inside each one of you. Begging for nourishment. You have felt its presence for many years. Its voice still calls, even if it has gone long unanswered. 

The busy-ness of life has provided many of us with an escape, and plausible deniability. 

But as the barricades go up to cut us off from life as we have known it, the hamster wheels we have grown so accustomed to become inaccessible.

We are left to face the inner quarters of the places in which we reside, with our bodies, and in our minds.

Political leaders have touted our current moment in time as a time of war – to invoke policies and constitutional privileges to garner the resources needed on the medical front. 

Little do they know that the real battle we are in, is not just of the physical, medical, or economical. 

The battle we are in, is also spiritual – as well as mental and emotional. 

And thus, this journey calls upon you to garner up everything you have.

A battle of the spirit is a rite to conquer – for the right to ascend to the zenith of your wholeness and purpose. Read it again. 

It is a passage that for those who are being called, must pass. 

But we all know, that facing your shadows is not an easy task. 

It is also true that no soldier can fight from a place of depletion. This time is here for you to restore, release, revive, and rest. The greater battle is still yet to come. 

And yet, for some in our community, there are those who are facing the greatest battle of their lives right now. 

There are those who have lost incomes, lost family, lost connection to community. There are those who are living in unsafe and abusive homes. There are those who are feeling powerless, lost, and alone. 

Many of these challenges are not often visible on the surface. So please do check on eachother during these challenging times. 

Let us re-frame “social distancing” to mean physical distancing that opens new doors for emotional intimacy. We are in this together. Let these not be just words, but an active call to action. 

For those of us with the privilege to be at home, safe with a sturdy roof and enough to eat – let us not squander this opportunity to deepen into the truth of who we are. 

So. How do we navigate this time internally?

  1. Allow yourself time to breathe, decompress, and release. Be kind and compassionate toward yourself. 

If you find yourself sleeping more, and doing less, it’s OK. Your system is recalibrating to the energetic shifts taking place. 

Our bodies are vessels that are connected to, and is a part of, this large living organism that is Earth. There is a force that is shifting the collective consciousness of all life on this planet in this very moment. And we are all feeling it in different ways. Allow yourself the space to just, be.

  1. Discern the difference between providing your body the rest it needs, and shutting down completely into an unhealthy place of escape and distraction.

Many of us are being triggered at the very base-level of our existence. Which affects our sense of security, safety, and survival (root chakra). And thus, some of us are being gripped by the primal nature of our trauma-responses (freeze, flight, fight). 

Recognize when unhealthy patterns begin to surface, and pivot the best you can. Feel for when you begin to slip and spiral. Recognize when you need help, and ask for it. Reach out to your friends, family, or the community. 

If you find yourself being triggered, actively seek a sense of grounding and safety. Intentionally calm your heightened senses until you can see through the fear. Do all you can to soothe your anxiety and quiet the turbulent thoughts. Again, with compassion, not with stifling suppression or beating yourself down with self-judgement.  

  1. Resist the temptation to saturate your days with news that brings you into heightened states of anxiety and fear. 

Educate yourself on the facts, so that you may safely navigate this time with a healthy level of informed wisdom. Know the line between the two (unhealthy saturation of anxiety and fear provoking news vs healthy level of information so that you can navigate this time safely and responsibly). 

This line is different for everyone, tune into your inner sense for the discernment to feel where it is for you. Actively observe your inner state to better understand your own boundaries, which may shift from day to day. 

  1. Resist the temptation to compare your level of productivity to the heightened activity of those you know on social media. 

You are not in a competition. You do not need to prove anything to anyone. 

Just because everyone is participating in Zoom chats, doing facebook lives, or taking or hosting online classes, doesn’t mean you need to as well. There is no need for shame or apology for not doing what everyone else is doing. Walk your path. Stay steady on it, even if it’s not visible to anyone else outside of yourself. 

It’s not your job to impress anybody. Stop it. 

But also, wash your hands – that is one thing you do need to conform to (but still something you don’t need to tell anybody about) 😀

  1. This is the time to train muscles that have lain dormant. 

As you dust off that inner compass, put it to work. Listen to your body for what it needs to be nourished and strong. If it asks for rest, rest, repeat steps 1-4 as much as you need to. 

But when you find yourself in a grounded state of awareness – present and clear. 

Get. to. work. Work on that book you’ve been saying you’re going to write. Clean out the closets and the clutter, which at one point nagged at you, but that you eventually stopped seeing, and now you just walk by it. Open the windows. Dust the corners. Sing those songs. Exercise those muscles. Pray that prayer.

Whatever it is, strengthen your spirit, your mind, and your heart in all the ways you need and are being called to. 

Remember things fluctuate day-by-day. So be easy on yourself, when you need to ease back and do nothing for a while. Sometimes that’s what our spirit needs the most. 

But again, tune into your inner compass consistently and constantly. Let your inner wisdom and truth be your guide. Don’t let your now self hide from your true self. 

Be still. Be conscious. Be kind. Be discerning. 

Ground in gratitude. Breathe deeply. Find your center. 

Listen for the inner guidance of your spirit.

Whatever you need to do (and you will know what to do), put in the work to practice. 

Train. Nurture that seed, and feel the light grow in its glow from inside of you. 

This is how you will know that you are on the right path. 

We need you, light warrior. We need you at your full strength. 

We need your gifts, your power, your spirit in this battle. 

And it’s ok to train in the quiet solitude of your sacred space. It’s not necessarily for the world to know. It’s for you to honor. 

Strengthen in your inner sense of spirit and authenticity. 

Be the gift to yourself that you wish others could provide to you.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Your power is sacred.

Your beauty is divine. 

Your light is medicine. 

We need you. 

Walk the path, divine medicine carrier. 

We are here with you. 

With warmth and light, 

Sun – the Phoenix

Vision Director | Interfusion Festival

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