Passages: Become the light you need

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that there will be unforeseen challenges that sweep through the entirety of our lives. But in every challenge there are lessons and opportunities. Turns out, 2021 is inviting us to become the light we need.

Our fates are not wrapped up in our circumstances, rather on how we manage our emotions, mindsets, and decisions through the storms.

This was a year of unfolding revelations. Not of new challenges per say, but rather a holding into the light the things that were already there just barely beneath the surface.

Much of what has been revealed points to cracks in the foundations of human society, as well as our own personal lives.

Moving toward mastery is moving away from the temptation to lament in feeling victimized by how broken our system is; or rolling in the agony of how broken our lives and relationships might be. Let us instead glean lessons from the challenges that have brought us so close to the edge. For they will open doors to our evolution as individuals, and as a community.

You can be a pillar that stands firmly rooted - one who anchors and ushers in the new paradigms. But this requires of you, growth. To truly make the positive impact you feel calling in your soul, you must become the embodiment of the change that you so deeply desire, in your life, in your heart, and in the world.

You must become the healing provider for the needs of your soul. If abandonment or betrayal are at the base of your core trauma, work on showing up for yourself with a level of consistency and reliability that you would desire of someone who is devoted to you, in care and love.

Become the attentive lover that you seek, the caring parent that you need, and the friend that has your back no matter what - for yourself.

May you find the strength and the courage to step into embracing the challenge of being the first of your lineage to break the patterns that have poisoned so many generations past.

Use 2021 not just as an escape hatch to flee 2020, but an opportunity to step into the greatest version of who you came here to be in this time. Allow yourself to grow, create containers of support, and make the space you need to flourish. Trust, and release the power that lives within you, waiting to be unleashed. And step into your fullness.

Remember that there is a necessary place and time for grief. It’s been a tough year for many of us, and in many different ways, which shook us to our core - honor this. Do not try and suppress or repress any of the pain that is there. Allow any pain and suffering that still lives within you, the space to grieve, process, and be released. But try not to hold onto these things for too long. If you do, you risk holding onto a hurt that has the potential to stain your soul fabric over time.

Looking forward to the new year, set tangible goals. Create accessible plans. Walk forward with intentional and small steps. Take joy in, and savor, every small victory that comes your way. No win is too small to celebrate. Adopt the attitude of being victorious.

Access resilience and find assurance in knowing that through your struggle, you will find the strength within yourself to become the change you wish to see. And once you are able to lean into the true gift of your soul without shame, judgment, or insecurity, you will naturally progress. You will gracefully step forward as the vessel of transformation that you came here to be, and take up space and provide great contributions.

May you taste the sweetness of unconditional love, even under unthinkable conditions.

May you plant seeds of abundance and of joy.

May you feast on the fruits of your earnest efforts.

May you dance in the moonlight as you embrace the light of your soul.

May you finally break through the chains that have weighed down your ankles, and kept you from your dreams.

May you find the wings to carry you to the heights that you were meant to fly.

May you finally see the brilliance of your own light.

May you embrace who you truly are, with no apologies, but with all of the love in the universe.

You are power, you are strength, you are beauty.

Happy New Year dear interfusion community!

It is an honor to be on this journey of growth with you.

Phoenix | Sun Park