Closing Circle Reflections – Jonelle Lesniak

Dear ones: See here some of the words from our Closing Circle for those who want to continue to reflect.

We took moments to reflect on our experiences and the ways we will take them forward with us into the world

• What was your intention coming into Interfusion? How did you feel when you entered this space? How did that feeling change, if at all, during your time here?
• For what, or whom, do you have gratitude in your heart from the weekend? What did you learn while you were here?
• What was hard for you? What challenged you? What pushed you to new horizons?
• What surprised you? What breakthroughs came to you? And what subtle inclinations of heart, mind, and spirit?
• What are you taking away from your experience? Give your takeaways a word, a phrase, a color, a sensation—whatever resonates with you.
• How can you weave the threads of what you gained—how you grew and transformed—back into the world around you?
• What will you do to honor and care for yourself in the next few days?

We shared, honored, and sealed the intentions of our community that were written on the banner in the main hallway throughout the festival. We asked, “How do you hope to evolve at Interfusion?” We formed circles and stepped forward with those intentions that resonated with us. Here are some:

• To grow and heal
• To connect with others
• To be open and honest
• To learn how to practice how to put myself first, trust myself, honor myself, be kind to myself, love myself
• To practice receiving love from others
• To release and realign
• To return and renew
• To expand and explore
• To discover new pathways
• To have fun and play
• To learn what the (heck) Zouk is!
• To embrace my badass
• To unleash my voice
• To soften my outer mask
• To call in light, unconditional love, and presence
• To transform and EVOLVE

This year we came with the intention of Evolution. Next year, 2021 we will come with the intention of Ascension. When we ascend we come into alignment with the highest version of ourselves. We reclaim our inherent divinity, and rise to our potential. Ascension is seating in the power of the fullness of who we are.

Closing circle playlist can be heard here.

~Jonelle Lesniak

About the Author 

Jonelle comes to Interfusion Festival as a zouk dancer and event organizer in the healing arts space. Her mission is to help people feel the courage and freedom to express themselves, be themselves, and free themselves; to be heard and seen while doing it; and to uncover the unique purpose that can drive their lives.

In 2019, Jonelle and co-founder Lindsay Bigda began the Movement for Healing Project based in Washington, D.C., which exists to create shared spaces for those experiencing grief and loss to explore the healing power of movement and community, and to ultimately grow their toolkits for coping, recovery, transformation, and growth.

In her professional roles, Jonelle works as consultant to help organizations heal toxic workplace cultures and is a life coach. As a certified positive psychology-based practitioner, she embeds neuroscience and evidence-based interventions for wellbeing into all of her work. You can learn more about her at her website.