Restoring the art of face-to-face conversation provides beautiful possibilities to connect, witness, heal and grow. Creating ‘reverent space’ for intentional conversations allows us to accompany one another in shared experiences—from relationships to loss to spirituality—while practicing the skills of generous listening, authentic expression, kind disagreement, and honoring boundaries.

Conscious Conversations 7

Often in everyday conversation we are listening to problem-solve. When we learn to listen as a witness—fully present and without an agenda—we invite space for revelation and healing to occur.

Conscious Conversations 4

Practicing respectful disagreement can lead to a better understanding of one another, a deeper appreciation for the diversity of human experience, and greater resilience. 

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Expressing ourselves authentically is an invitation to own our unique voices and experiences while maintaining our boundaries—allowing us to open into a space of healthy vulnerability.

Conscious Conversations 5

Creating and honoring boundaries serves as a gift to one another to converse in a space of a “mutual yes”—where all parties feel comfortable, safe, and supported.

Guiding Virtues

To provide a shared foundation for us to enter conscious conversations together, the following guidelines will serve as our community agreements—providing an offering for all who enter these spaces to uphold and model.