Courage – Evolutionary Values 3


We hold the best interest of others at heart. By displaying courage to step out of our comfort zones, take risks, show ourselves, be vulnerable, and be true we inspire others to do the same. Through courage we expand our own horizons and pave the way for those around us to follow along.

We evolve in courage by learning to stand in our true power.  As we evolve and awaken into our authentic selves, we grow naturally into the embodiment of courage.

On the path of evolution we find ourselves faced with challenges that we may have never imagined. We are met with mountains that tower at heights that seem impossible to climb. In such moments we must invoke courage, for without it we may dwindle at the foothills of our potential, never reaching the summit of our purpose.

It is a tragic story, one that each of us has fought to overcome in our lives at one point or another; one that many of us are fighting now at this exact moment.

Courage gives us fuel for resilience. It is a tool and a resource. It helps us to take action when we feel stuck, afraid, or insecure. It is energized by faith (in yourself and/or the divine) – which can be a helpful source of support and strength when it is accessible.

But above all else, true courage is living with integrity and standing by your principles as your authentic self, even when things get hard. It is a willingness to risk negative consequences for the sake of integrity.

We cannot be warriors of the spirit in the absence of courage.

It is critical that we all reach for the internal fuel that empowers us to face and challenge our fears.

And yes, sometimes that means you have to go against the grain, stand out, speak out, and be vulnerable. It means you risk rejection, alienation, and uncertainty. It means you tell that uncomfortable truth to honour your integrity. It means you risk losing the one you love, by choosing to have that uncomfortable conversation.

It means you take your masks off, and risk being seen in your fullness, flaws and all. It is admitting your mistakes. It is a willingness to look at your shadows and your unconscious destructive behaviours and thoughts, and engage intentionally and with action toward your own healing.

It means you walk away from that toxic environment that is providing you with comforts, and filling with resentment. It means you forgive, and release the suffering that has attached itself to your sense of identity. It means you never, ever, tolerate being abused.

It means you embrace the discomfort of growth, in exchange for the comforts of your addictions, vices, and excuses.

It means you refuse mediocrity to embrace the true power of your inner purpose, and all of the challenges that come with that journey. Face forward.

The pay-off is the gift of being rooted in your true self, your source, your worth, and truly walking the path to become the manifestation of your true purpose and potential.

No one else can do that for you. You must do it yourself. Pick up the torch. Cultivate your courage. And let us evolve to our highest potential.

Much love to you dear Interfusion community.

We believe in you.

Meditative invocations

“I choose integrity in the face of challenge”

“I choose authenticity in the face of uncertainty”

“I choose courage in the face of fear”

~ Sun a.k.a Phoenix

In January 2019, ‘Rebirth’ took place during the eclipse of the super blood moon (the only total lunar eclipse visible from North America this year). Over the next 7 full moons we will take a moment to commemorate, and contemplate each Interfusion Community core value, its meaning and application, and how we can integrate it more fully into our daily lives, contributing toward our greater collective evolution.

As the adage goes: if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.  There is something to be said about standing strong in the values that you place at the core of who you are and for your life.  They are the frameworks for defining and upholding integrity and honour. They are your pillars of purpose; life-rafts for building resilience.