Dancing with Spirit

The veil between worlds is thinning. The unseen realms are becoming increasingly accessible. The spirit world is revealing itself to us, inviting us to come out to play.

In the West and across the Americas, we have entered a window of time where making contact with the “otherside” has become woven into the cultural fabric of our experience. But this blog isn’t really about Halloween or Día de los Muertos. Rather, it's an invitation to explore your own intimate connection with the spirit realm.

What is the relationship between the spirit world and our physical realities? How do they interplay and influence one another? What is the role of our ancestors who have passed on and crossed over, in the here and now? What is the work and role of spirit in our lives? 

I’m not going to claim to have the answers to these questions. Rather I pose them to you for you to contemplate and consider them for yourself, and your own experience. 

For now, I will just share what I have gleaned from my own experiences, in hopes of sparking this conversation inside of you as well.  

The unseen realm is an infinite resource. We have the ability to draw divine strength and profound guidance from the realm of spirit. But it requires stillness, faith, and reverence. 

Reverence… a humble respect for the sacred. A bowing to a power greater than your own. A lost jewel for many cultures wrapped up in instant-gratification and obsessed with personal gain.

When we work in the realm of spirit, it is an honor, and a privilege. When we set out to do this work, we must remember that we are here to serve. It's not about what we can get. Although it has been true for me that the more I serve, the more I receive and am rewarded - but this must never be the primary motivation.

Two truths: Intention is everything. Humility goes a long way.

Connecting with Spirit has really been about exploring my internal channels of communication. It’s been about releasing fear, judgement, and self-righteousness. It's been about experiencing vulnerability and humility to depths that changed my sense of self. It’s been about being uplifted, guided, and shown a love greater than anything I could have imagined.

And sometimes, it’s about engaging in warfare. Confronting energies and entities that cling to our spirits to block the light from passing through. This is  necessary. It’s about clearing, cleansing, transmuting that which needs to be purged from this world to make space, for new possibilities and new life.

But working in the realm of spirit is not all so serious – although, it can get pretty darn intense. When we enter into communion with spirit it can be the most blissful experience of one’s life. At least it has been for me. To feel on a visceral level, the sheer magnitude of the powers of creation is… breathtaking. 

From personal experience, I can tell you that the connection between worlds is a real thing - and that it is something to be handled with care. 

In Western cultures, so many of our sacred relationships have become grounds for commercialization. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with having fun! I like my share of playing dress-up too. 

We all have heard stories of trickster spirits, so we know that they like to have fun on the other side also. Trust me, spirit’s got a sense of humor as well! Case in point, 2020.

But all jokes aside, although it’s important that we don’t lose light-heartedness in and around this topic - I wanted to just remind us that there is an opportunity for a much deeper engagement here as well, for those who seek it.  

What does it mean to actually invoke the spirit world, our ancestors, and entities beyond the physical to join us in play and reunion? What if we are losing the real potential for communion with the spirit realm, in exchange for costumes and makeup?

The two don’t need to be mutually exclusive, but it is something worth contemplating. Because when we DO make contact with the realm of spirit, at least in my experience, it really can be a profound experience for your mind, body, and spirit. I just wanted to remind you to not lose sight of this, during this time of heightened spiritual potency!

By all means, play with spirit! Have fun! But don’t forget to also hold spaces of reverence for spirit. They have so much to offer us all!


Sun a.k.a Phoenix