Expressive Movements allow one to put the body in motion in order to still the mind. When we communicate our passion with authentic movement, we connect closer to our true selves and pave the way for those around us to follow along.

Expressive movement practices provide a healthy outlet to express the divine spirit that dwells within all of us. Allow your creativity to blossom by learning new art forms, letting go fears and finding inspiration in others.

Ecstatic Dance

Let go with this free-form dance allowing for unrestrained expression and release.

Contact Improvisation

Explore intuitive partner connection found through sharing weight, touch and kinetic awareness.


Show off your inner diva with this art of the tease and sass.

Belly Dance

Express your femininity through intricate isolations and body movements.


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Our Program

Interfusion Festival’s expressive arts program embraces the creative and healing dynamics of practices facilitated by world known instructors.