Honoring the Divine Feminine

Earth has come alive – vibrant, teeming with life – awakened from Her Winter slumber. The Sun in Taurus, we celebrate Sacred Union at Beltane, and honor the expression of the Divine Feminine as Mother.

Observing and emulating the Feminine, we learn about fully-expressed, vibrant living. Her themes and energy are intrinsically woven throughout all life.

With the unending cycle of seasons, the Feminine expresses many archetypes with stronger emphasis on different aspects, according to the season. When we are present and observe with all our senses we see myriad ways She teaches us to live.

Examples include:

  • Embodying the Feminine qualities of rest, Darkness, receptivity, nurturing, sensuality
  • Tending the Original Wound of abandonment
  • Eliminating toxins, pollution, and over-consumption
  • Expressing Absolute Love and non-discrimination
  • Exploring what true power feels like in your body
  • Engaging in acts of sacrifice and offerings as gifts

In Winter, She is stripped bare, having let go of all She no longer needs.  Winter is synonymous with darkness and nighttime, going inward to rest, dream, and gather energy to be reborn in Spring. She has gathered wisdom from the previous seasons’ lessons and experiences, teaching awareness that the trappings of accumulating possessions is rather ridiculous compared to accumulated wisdom and love that are the legacy of living well.

The juicy, fecund season of Spring is Her sensual awakening; She’s childlike in Her sense of wonder and playfulness, blossoming and expressing Her beauty as She comes to know Herself. We are reminded of our own childlike sense of curiosity, and that play provides a deeper understanding of ourselves, creatively nourishing our souls.

Spring is the time to plant seeds of intention as all Nature celebrates Sacred Union. Animals mate, birds sing, bees fertilize Spring flowers, floating pollen connects all plant life in acts of giving and receiving. This is Nature unabashedly celebrating and unapologetically expressing Her luscious, fertile beauty with no understanding of Herself as flawed. Nature taunts us to celebrate our sensual selves, enjoying our desires.

Ripe as an expectant Mother, in Summer we gestate and nurture all we’ve planted, and cultivate our intentions.

In Autumn, we harvest the fruits of labor as the Earth Mother births Her cornucopia, nourishing all. We receive the bounty of intentions seeded in Spring. Witness the intense gorgeousness of Letting Go as She exchanges Her verdant finery for the explosive color of Autumn leaves. This is time to reflect on shedding the things that no longer align with our highest good. In actuality, these are the same things that harm our Earth Mother, including over-consumption, chemicals, toxic thinking, relationships and situations. Hindsight reveals what we’ve learned over the year, granting access to higher levels of integrity. We may feel called to dismantle the systems that desecrate communities, cultures, resources and the environment.

Nature does not discriminate. Tender new growth among ancient trees, deadfall and beautifully decaying life, plants, animals, rocks and minerals – peacefully co-existing – remind us that all of life experiences these cycles of birth, growth, life, decay and death. This fact makes us more alike than different.

Extremes such as earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, etc., don’t choose certain people or places to “punish.” Nature is simply embodying power. Ask yourself what true power feels like in your body. What does power-with, living in integrity, and the power of Truth feel like?

The Divine Feminine possesses a fluid and ephemeral expression of many archetypes, demonstrating how to flow between our own, in accordance with what we confront.

Abandonment is embedded in our spiritual DNA through the expression of the Shadow Feminine. It’s part of the human condition of being born into 3-D, linear, time-space reality. This wound awakens us to the Truth that All are One, and that to love ourselves is to remember that we are inherently Divine. During moments of aloneness or disagreements, look for the deeper understanding that we all fear rejection, abandonment, or feel unsafe at times (including emotional and/or physical safety.) Realizing that fear of abandonment is often the driving force of pain, we can reassure, or affect safety. Unconditional Love is the greatest healer of all.

A beautiful way to honor and connect to the Divine Feminine is through offerings of the heart. Without Her, we would not exist; all we are, all we have, comes from Her.


  • Composting
  • Offerings of tobacco
  • Planting
  • Picking up trash
  • Drumming or singing (She LOVES this!)
  • Making art (as we create, we emulate Her)
  • Lay or sit on the ground, releasing pain, grief, worry, despair, etc. as acts of psychic compost
  • Shine and be your best
  • Giving Her your own hair, nail clippings, blood
  • Sacrificing comfort and convenience to do what best serves the environment
  • Sending love and healing energy
  • Praying over meals in gratitude
  • Humbly and graciously receiving gifts
  • Making offerings and sacrifices is only limited by your imagination.

The Divine Feminine teaches us at every turn. We have only to slow down and practice awareness to receive Her lessons.

Wishing a happy Mothers Day to Mother Earth, to every mother, and the Divine Feminine within us all.

~Lisa C. Adams

About the Author 

Lisa Adams has been a Holistic Health professional for over 25 years, majored in Religion & Women’s Studies, and is an ordained minister. Since 1999, she has facilitated countless rituals and workshops. Lisa fiercely believes that Sacred Ceremony is a key to healing and transformation in communities, and throughout the world. She is the force behind Goddess Powered and co-creatrix of Invoking Shakti – a project that empowers and inspires women to create change and healing in the world.