Honoring Ms. Jonelle Lesniak

Honoring Ms. Jonelle Lesniak

Dear beloved community,

For two and a half years, from July 2019 to March 2022, Ms. Jonelle Lesniak served as an instrumental part of Interfusion Festival with exceptional professionalism, insight and resourcefulness that helped our grassroots community-centered project take great leaps toward realizing our higher purpose and vision.

Ms. Jonelle came onboard to Interfusion Festival in 2019 to lead the largest program area of the project, Healing Arts, with great care and stewardship. By early 2020, she transitioned to the position of Project Manager, a role which she excelled in with her wealth of knowledge of organizational management and drive for excellence. As project manager, Ms. Jonelle helped to improve on and provide structure to Interfusion Festival’s procedures, systems, and communications, supporting clarity and efficiency across our team. Highlights of Ms. Jonelle accomplishments during her service with Interfusion Festival include:

  • Key policy development and strategic counsel during the peak of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Strengthening the tracking and management of project deliverables, activities, and milestones
  • Assisting in preparing for and facilitating team meetings including purpose, agenda, materials
  • Implementing improved methods for efficient team communication and data management
  • Analysis and presentation of feedback received from our community, facilitators, and team
  • Supported the development of key initiatives to include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).
Interfusion Festival was founded in 2016 under The Institute for Integrative Wellness (IFIW) and since that time, it has become the primary indoor transformative festival of North America. It is a grassroots community-centered creative project with more than twenty percent of participants involved in the creative or services process. From educational offerings in positive psychology, meditation, and expressive arts, to exposure to healthy social outlets, lifestyles and supportive communities, Interfusion Festival’s mission is to bring awareness of a collective of practices and modalities that may help combat the public and mental health crisis beyond COVID-19 which continues to affect the lives of our friends, families, and communities to this day.

On behalf of the Interfusion Team, we are in gratitude to have partnered with Ms. Jonelle during such a pivotal time in our history, and we are wishing her great success with her future endeavors. Her footprint is one that will last for years, and any organization would be incredibly fortunate to have her leadership.

V/ respectfully,

Christian Daniel Rodriguez
Founder, Interfusion Festival
The Institute for Integrative Wellness
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