Welcome to Interfusion, Welcome Home

Welcome to Interfusion, Welcome Home.

At my first Interfusion festival it was as though someone generously sprinkled magic all over.  For a few days I felt transformed. There was a change and I felt it. For a few days, in that space, I could be a different person; happier, outgoing, someone with possibilities, a better giver and receiver, partner, a listener, someone with compassion, someone without fear.

There was an intense sadness as I left this magic place. I went back to my life, back to myself, the person I knew; timid, struggling with personal connections and being present, someone with a lot of fear. All year I waited for Interfusion. I wanted the experiences again; the acro classes, the yoga, experiencing others gifts and talents, but also I so longed to experience that version of myself again.  I needed to experience this magic again, and I urged everyone to experience the magic with me.

I attended my second year at Interfusion with a little trepidation. What if my experience wasn’t the same?  But as soon as I stepped into the festival I felt like I had come home. I knew with certainty that I was right back in the magic. It is with that magic that my first resolution was made. I had spent useless energy in fear for no reason; from then there was going to be a new way to confront fear.

My second festival had its own special charm. I left with new skills, new friendships, and new goals. I tried to dance for the first time. I laughed and cried. I struggled and persevered. But the greatest gift I left with was this: I left knowing that I didn’t need to wait for the next Interfusion festival to experience the version of me that I loved. I resolved there that I was going to take her with me.

Lessons learned at Interfusion of self worth, consent and communication show up in my life all the time. They continue help me foster valuable friendships, take risks, and encourage content growth.  Taking Interfusion and my best self back with me was the start of development with endless possibilities.

As I plan to attend Interfusion for the third year I am continuously experiencing the growth of someone who came with fear and left with peace.  I continue to become my best self. I see the same growth with the people who attended with me. We all grow and share together.

I await Interfusion as someone who awaits to return home. A trip back home is that flutter your heart feels as soon as you are close, and the joy you feel as soon as you enter.  Home; where you feel love and support, surrounded by those who love you. It’s that trip that feels like it’s over too soon.

The beauty of coming home is the gratitude of where you’ve been and what you are returning to.  The security of knowing that no matter where life takes you, home will be there to welcome you back. The friends and family that don’t want you to leave and the place where no matter who you are you are accepted.

This year’s theme is “evolution”. Evolution represents development, growth, progress and advancement. It’s with alacrity that I await this year’s lessons and teachings and the takeaways that will follow into my life. Not just for a few days, but lessons that will become part of me, so that I can take that magic and share it with others.  I can’t wait to come home.

About the Author

Hindel Moskovits lives in Brooklyn New York. Aside for her passion for acroyoga she is a master cookie baker who loves exploring New York City with her two children.