Healing is not a linear path. Progress is not a straight line.

As we move forward into a new year, it will be true for many of us that we must still face many of the old challenges that live inside of ourselves. Yes, the world is changing - but if we wish to be part of the positive changes, we must learn to embrace and integrate the parts within us that need attention.

What is it that your soul is calling for?

What is the reason that you came?

What is the calling within you, that is seeking to be heard?

What is the message that your soul is here to deliver?

When we seek to truly understand the nature of who, what, and where we are, we are faced with a challenge that is both illusory, and in the end is just simply an illusion.

We begin to understand that the identities that we have formed for ourselves, our societies, and the cultures that we live within, are all illusions of a kind.

Yes, they are real, in a sense, they are real to us in the ways that they have influenced the ways we have come to understand ourselves and the world around us.

The values, stories, and the rules of engagement that we have grown accustomed to participating and perpetuating, often come from a place that does not allow us to embrace all that we are, in full or in earnest.

Instead, they teach us concepts that can hinder and cloud our paths forward.

To truly progress, we must come to understand that each one of us lives inside of a proverbial fishbowl. We swim for most of our lives unaware of that which is always in and around us, but somehow remains invisible to us on a conscious level.

As we seek to grow in our consciousness and in mastery of self, so that we may serve the world in ways it needs to be healed - we must first learn what it means to heal ourselves.

If we wish to heal the World, we must first wake up from the illusions that have caused us to feel disempowered.

We must learn to unlearn the values of shame and judgment that we have been taught to uphold, in the ways that we treat ourselves and those close to us.

We must become aware of the projections that we create outward, to the people in our lives and the situations that we come across. We must understand that what we judge in others is that which we judge in ourselves. And that ultimately, what we perpetuate and project out to others, is the shame we feel about the things that we have been taught are not good or worthy inside of ourselves. And we must understand that these are lies. Big big lies.

We have as a culture and as a society bought into the lies and illusions of the shadow selves that have dominated our histories and our personal lives. We must learn the tools of discernment, understanding, compassion and love - not just in the ways that we treat one another, but in how we approach ourselves.

We must learn how to be ‘trauma-informed’ not just in our communities and in our organizations, but in the ways we walk forward in our own lives and how we treat ourselves - even when no one is looking.

Speaking of illusion, our shadow projections can even present itself in the world as a “positive” trait.

Many of us in the community are lovers and givers because that is a deep calling within our souls. And it’s our responsibility to understand the line between when it is healthy, and when it is not.

It is important to realize that many of us develop a mechanism of over-giving in an effort to make up for the parts of us that feel lacking. If this resonates with you, I invite you to take a look at your life to see where you are giving in ways that are not sustainable for you, and that are perhaps not healthy for you.

We give what we desire to receive. And sometimes we give so much that it somehow ends up perpetuating the deep feeling of lack that still eats away inside.

Yes, you are a healer, yes you are a gift to the world, and to truly step into your power you must learn what it means to show up as these things for. your. self.

And if this feels selfish, remember that as you heal yourself, you heal the world - because you are a part of the world.

Understand that as you take care of your corner of the world, there is a ripple effect that radiates out to all that surrounds you, and beyond.

So if in this time you have found yourself at a lesser capacity than what you would expect yourself to be, I invite you to drop your expectations.

Drop the judgments. Drop the shame.

We all backslide sometimes. We all struggle sometimes.

You are not meant to be strong all the time. And when we do not allow ourselves the natural process of being with and creating time and space to release our stress and emotions - they get stuck inside of our bodies where they turn into dis-ease, disease, and yep, trauma.

There is much we can learn from the animal kingdom. Animals in the wild understand and are at one with their natural processes. But as humans, we have been socialized to learn what is appropriate over what is healthy.

Unfortunately, there are countless instances of this in our cultures, where what is appropriate and what is healthy are diametrically opposed to one another.

Instead of being taught natural forms of release that are healthy for our bodies after intense experiences we are taught to suppress them and hold them in. We are taught that what we feel is not as important as what we know.

But today, I invite you to lean into what you feel. To feel deeply within - to listen for what it is that you need. What is it that your inner child is seeking? What your inner teenager is missing? And what your higher self is encouraging you to do? These are forms of wisdom and knowledge that come from the felt sense, not from facts and figures.

We must learn to reclaim the voice within us that guides us - our intuition, our inner knowing. There is wisdom to be gained here. There is healing that can come from here. The integration of our various parts, light and dark, is what helps us to move forward.

We must understand that inside of us lives younger versions of ourselves. And it’s important that we learn how to carry our inner children with us. To help them to feel seen, heard, and loved in ways that we did not receive when we were little.

Show up as the grounded adult to provide your inner teenager with the validation and the respect and support that they needed. Be your own best friend, parent, and lover. Become the support that you didn’t have, for the parts of you that are still hurting.

Many have come to identify this as ‘inner-child work’. But whatever you choose to call this process, the importance of understanding the mechanisms at play here and how to engage them are critical for the healing and growth of anyone living - especially if they have experienced trauma.

The essence of it is this: be the support that you need now, and that you are seeking from others to fill up for you. Learn what it means to fill up your own cup, from your own internal resources.

Whenever you start to feel disempowered and not enough for whatever reason, try to remember that in that moment, the illusion has got to you. And do your best to shake it off and come back to your true self.

Ground into the love, compassion, and wisdom of your higher self, and let yourself be supported by the knowing that you are divine.

You are light.

You are a divine creation.

You are here, and you came here for the challenge of breaking through the illusions to find yourself again! To remember the powerful force that you are in this universe! And if you forget from time to time, it’s ok!

Be easy.

This is part of the journey.

Many blessings to you Interfusion community.

It’s an honor to be on this path with you.

In the highest blessings.

Phoenix | Sun