To Heal the World

Everyone and everything in the universe is intrinsically connected. To heal the world is to guide our thoughts and actions, individually and collectively, to act as a healing presence for all living things.  We listen deeply to one another, choose our words with loving-kindness, and take actions that serve each other and a higher purpose. We are intentional and thoughtful in our interactions and choices, embodying higher values to shape our communities and the future of our interconnected world.

Universal Love – Reverence for all of humanity and all of creation without conditions or restrains, love is the heart of the divine in us that inspires awe and wonder in every breath we take.

Non-judgment – Becoming aware of our tendencies so that when judgment arises within us we can make a conscious choice from our higher self and gain a fuller insight of the nature of life.

Humility – Humility frees us from the ego. It is understanding that we are life-long students and everyone we encounter can be a teacher to us no matter how good we already are at something.

Caring – Being attentive to ourselves and those around us with loving-kindness. Caring is holding the best interest of others as much as our own with a healing presence.

Non-rivalry – By letting go of rivalry, we let go of all the doubts and insecurities that rivalry breeds within us allowing ourselves to stand peaceful and confident in our authentic selves.

Courage – By displaying courage to step out of our comfort zones, take risks, show ourselves, be vulnerable, and be true we inspire others to do the same.

Healing the world derives from each of us individually and collectively taking responsibility for the whole, catalyzed by personal resilience, higher values and a beginners-mind state of curiosity for all life. Curiosity makes us take genuine interest in others and invite new experiences and adventures joyfully and without reservation, it the zest for exploration, discovery and learning. We all have the capacity to transform lives and become a healing presence by living in harmony with our authentic selves, cultivating mindfulness, and serving and holding space for others to realize their own path toward personal enlightenment.