Humility – Evolutionary Values 2

Happy full moon Interfusion community! Today is the Spring Equinox and “Super Worm Full Moon”. And as the seasons begin to shift once more, we are provided with an opportunity to reflect, reset, and re-engage with the things that are core to who we are.

As evolutionary beings on the path of awakening, we have a calling to look deep within ourselves, and challenge ourselves to grow. So as we observe our second cycle around the moon since Interfusion, let us continue to deepen into the exploration of our 7 core values.

Last moon we dove into the value of “Universal Love”, this time we steep into “Humility”.

Evolutionary Values Part 2: Humility

Humility is “understanding that we are life-long students and everyone we encounter can be a teacher to us no matter how good we already are at something. The quality of humility frees us from our ego and self-importance and makes us receptive to new learning and growth.”

One of the greatest lessons of evolving into a greater version of yourself is learning the lesson of Humility.

In the West we are taught to fight for attention, to be a top achiever, to win affection and approval with accomplishments, and impress others with our outer image. There is not much space in that equation for vulnerability. In the mainstream of our culture there is still much stigma around admitting our weaknesses, and a huge pressure to paint a picture of “success”.

The truth is we all walk with limitations and with infinite potential. True humility is bowing in awe to the vastness of possibility. To truly embody humility we must break beyond the small self that feels self-important, proud, and entitled. It is openness to being wrong and willingness to being challenged; cultivating curiosity for things outside of your personal understanding.

Humility opens us up to the potential of gaining true wisdom. It is being comfortable with not knowing the answer to everything; letting go of attachment to being right. It allows us to reach a place where we don’t feel threatened or undermined when admitting our limitations. It is inviting in the experience of others to hold power and space as we listen, learn, and empathize – seeking to gain a greater understanding of something outside of our experience.

Humility is accompanied by a willingness to step back. To strive toward centering and honouring the contributions of others while supporting from the periphery. To resist the competitive culture of self-promotion that we are steeped in, and instead use the power you carry to lift others up into the light.

Learning happens in the experiential spaces between what we know, and what we do not know. Humility is the acknowledgement that there are things that we do not know, because we have not experienced every possible thing there is to experience.

We are each but a small speck in this vast universe. Let us cultivate humility in reverence of this awesome fact. Bowing to the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know is critical to reaching your potential. This will allow you to remain open to learning new things. We are all learning, growing, evolving; and there will always be more.

Challenge yourself today, on the occasion of this full moon, to take a moment to reflect on which areas of your life you could be more humble. In what ways can you embody humility to empower the greater movement forward? How can you cultivate humility through your words, actions, decisions? What lesson do you need to integrate in order to show up with greater discernment around humility?

Happy Full Moon everyone! The Spring Equinox is upon us. As we are blessed to receive more and more growing light each day, may the light of consciousness also grow and blossom inside of you.

Meditative Invocations:

“I have much to learn from the things I resist against”

“I am curious, I am listening, I am open”

~ Sun a.k.a Phoenix

In January 2019, ‘Rebirth’ took place during the eclipse of the super blood moon (the only total lunar eclipse visible from North America this year). Over the next 7 full moons we will take a moment to commemorate, and contemplate each Interfusion Community core value, its meaning and application, and how we can integrate it more fully into our daily lives, contributing toward our greater collective evolution.

As the adage goes: if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.  It’s a little simplistic, but there is something to be said about standing strong in the values that you place at the core of who you are and for your life.  They are the frameworks for defining and upholding integrity and honour. They are your pillars of purpose; life-rafts for building resilience.

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