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We are evolutionaries, on the path to liberation.  Each of us striving to become the fullness of our potential, and to fulfill our inner purpose. We gather to ground, embrace, and connect with ourselves and one another. We are the torch-bearers and way-finders, daring to push beyond the limitations that have held us captive and small, in our minds and in the world. We are unwilling to stay in the boxes ascribed to us that do not fit us. We strive to cultivate the courage we need to face our fears, so that we will no longer be afraid to be the fullest expressions of who we truly are – we are divine.

We are sacred. We are beautiful. We are powerful.

We gather at Interfusion.

Interfusion Festival 2019 was one devoted to ‘Rebirth’.  A four-day journey curated for movers and seekers on a path of opening, deepening and expanding. Interfusion is a force, centered on cultivating physical, emotional, intellectual, social, sexual, and creative wellness.

This year, the festival meticulously supported over 1000 attendees through an experience of connection, healing, and growth (over 1500 if you count the folks who came just for the evening festivities). The event featured an impressive range of workshops that include various modalities within healing arts, yoga, meditation, athletic arts, expressive movement, partner dances (including Zouk, Bachata, Kizomba and more), integrated with practices that consciously engage sexuality and intimacy.

I had the honour of leading the opening meditation for the stunning festival showcase on Saturday night. I also participated in many of the workshops including the Zouk Intimacy Intensive. Best of all, I connected deeply with so many of the beautiful souls present at this gathering. And I have to say, this is an experience unlike any other I have had or like any other event I have seen, anywhere. Point-blank, period.

As this visionary festival demonstrated so beautifully, there is a large multitude of ways that we can access the process of engaging with deep connection with ourselves and with others.  But if there is one truth that spans across the board, it is that we must each do our own work to ground in our own center, truth, expression, and authenticity first – before we can really honour and share this depth with another.

The process of rebirth in a general sense, is a critical step in the larger journey of spiritual awakening. It is the moment for a phoenix when the old self is incinerated into ashes, before she rises again, born anew.

For the awakening human on the path of spiritual evolution, this is an initiatory phase. The fire of transformation can be an all-consuming blaze, or a slow burn. But eventually, in the aftermath we find ourselves somehow stripped of our masks, vulnerable, and faced with the challenge of integration.

We as humans on this journey inevitably come to grapple and struggle with releasing our old ideas, patterns, and stories of who we used to be, to fully embrace the truth of who we are (and always have been) under the surface.

For those who attended the festival, let me say as beautiful and transformative as it can be to be immersed in an environment of support and love with other evolving light-filled beings – I think we can agree that it’s important to continue to cultivate these things in our everyday lives, and not let this experience just be an isolated moment of refuge.

When we can escape for a few days away from the daily stresses of life to gather in a space like Interfusion, it helps us to remember who we are. It is in many ways necessary. But what happens when we leave and go back to the ‘real world’? How do we continue to show up for ourselves in the ways we need, in order to support ourselves through the deep transformations we are experiencing?

For those who are truly on the path to evolution, we know that the process of rebirth is just the beginning of a much longer journey.  So this next part is for anyone who is or has been going through the fires of transformation (i.e. for the family that gathers at Interfusion, and anyone who is part of this larger soul tribe and is going through this journey in your own way).

So all that being said, In the spirit of solidarity I offer below a few ideas to help us evolving beings integrate, process, and continue to grow on our paths toward evolution after rebirth.

  1. Commit to your personal growth and well-being: This means taking action on the things that have come to light. Committing to begin or continue with the practices you have learned that are good for your well-being. Perhaps you stumbled onto a practice at Interfusion, or maybe you have known of a practice for many years that would benefit you but have procrastinated on integrating these things into your daily life and schedule. Refuse to keep putting it off, the time for implementation is now.

Stop arguing for your limitations, and making excuses for why you can’t do something that you know will help you to reach your potential. Make a commitment to love yourself in this way. Show up for yourself, and follow through.

  1. Build and strengthen your support system: Cultivate a community of support around you. Follow up with folks who have inspired or encouraged you along the journey of rebirth (at Interfusion or otherwise). Seek those who are also on this path, support them in ways you can within your capacity, work to maintain honest and authentic communication.

Build authentic relationships. Honour these relationships with utmost integrity. Surround yourself with people who are also striving to become their best selves, especially those who can help and encourage you follow through on your commitments related to #1.

  1. Cultivate courage, show up in the fullness of your authenticity: Be unapologetic about who you are. And if you are hiding your true self from the people around you to please them, stop betraying yourself. “Know thyself” is one of the most profound pieces of wisdom ever articulated by our species. Let’s take that one step further to “Honour thyself”. Stop looking to the people around you for external validation.  Work to come into a place of true love, compassion, and acceptance of yourself – and the rest will follow.

If you’re still unsure about who you are at the core, it’s ok. You’re doing just fine, just simply reach for what helps you to feel at home within yourself. How can you be more comfortable in your own skin? Who are you beneath the masks, defense mechanisms, and the stories that you tell about yourself?  Embrace yourself with kindness, and when you come to truly love and accept yourself, living in your authentic power comes naturally.

Ok, I hope that was helpful. This list could be much longer but I’ll pause here for now. Remember, the journey never ends. And taking small steps is absolutely ok. So be easy, have fun along the way.

Take it one step and one breath at a time. Trust yourself, you’ve got this.

If you are looking for a tangible way to exercise the above in the company and support of beautiful souls from all across the continent and beyond, come to ‘Evolution’ on January 16-20, 2020.

If you are feeling called, don’t procrastinate. If you resonated with the contents of this article, believe me when I say you are part of this larger soul tribe. Come and let us embrace and welcome you!

In the meantime, open yourself to cultivate a practice of deepening in your awareness. Check yourself, and do your best to gain control over your unconscious and unhealthy patterns – we all have them, and I’m willing to bet that you know what yours are. Most importantly, commit to growing in compassion, patience, and love toward yourself and others through this process.

To truly come into full alignment with your purpose and potential does not happen overnight. In fact, this is an archetypal journey of our generation – the light seekers, the healers, the artists, the lovers, the evolving beings of this planet.

It’s not easy, but it’s so so worth it. Our true liberation depends on it. So go on, take risks, be vulnerable, explore, seek, and dive into the next phase of this beautiful life!

I hope to see you next year, at Interfusion Evolution 2020.

~ Sun a.k.a Phoenix


About the Author 

SUN a.k.a PHOENIX is an artist in every fibre of her being. She is an educator and healer  with a calling to invoke and empower authentic expressions of self, rooted in awareness, presence, vulnerability and surrender.  She believes that at the intersection of the arts, education, and healing (such as is found in Brazilian Zouk) one can experience conscious transcendence and liberation – and at the very least gain deeper insights about oneself and one’s own nature.  She is in love with the textures that are possible in the space of deep connection between humans and in dance.

For the past 14 years she has been a teacher in the arts developing the Purpose-Driven Arts Education pedagogy. Sun is currently completing her graduate-level training in psychotherapy, bioenergetic therapy and energy healing. The focus of her thesis (in-progress) is centered on the role that Zouk can play in psychotherapy from a bioenergetic perspective.

Sun is thrilled and honoured to be a part of the Interfusion community and will be sharing more of her offerings at Evolution 2020.

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