Life toward Ascension

The aftermath of rebirth creates a space for evolutionary growth. We begin to find our sea legs, as we explore new depths and layers of who we are. Out of the fire and ashes of who we used to be, emerges new opportunity, new identities, and even new abilities.

When we begin to step into the truth of who we are, we gain access to great powers that live within us that were hidden beneath the pain, stories, and patterns of old trauma.

As we evolve in our conscious connection to our inner purpose, we settle into an authentic embodiment of our soul’s true light. We gain greater ability to connect with our source, and an increased capacity for deliberate creation.

2020 is unfolding. Transformations are happening. New chapters are turning. We are ascending.

When we allow ourselves to let go, and let in – the blessings come pouring in. But if we continue to stay in a place of resistance we block the manifestation of what it is that we truly desire.

Put more simply, when we allow the false self to fall away, we gain the ability to reclaim our true power. As the masks of our old stories are laid to rest, we create space for a new narrative.

When we leave behind the cycles that have kept us trapped, we discover new pathways toward the life we truly desire and deserve. So, in this spirit of this energy, here are…

7 tips on how to embrace your path of ascension:

1. Meditate – find time every day to quiet your mind
Inner stillness is key to accessing a deeper connection with your source. When you quiet the noise of every-day chatter in your mind, you make space for your inner wisdom and intuition to flow through.

2. Practice gratitude – spend time soaking in appreciation
Our emotions are vibrational frequencies that attract similar frequencies to what is being broadcasted. Meaning if you spend a lot of time in upset, more things to be upset about will find their way to you. But if you spend time revelling in gratitude and appreciation, you open pathways for the things you truly desire in your life to come your way.

3. Be willing to experience all of your emotions – It’s ok to not be ok
Pain is a fact of life. Unpleasant things happen. However, suffering is avoidable. We suffer the most when we push against the things that cause us pain. When we get upset at the fact that we are feeling negative emotions, we cause ourselves great suffering.

When you accept pain as a part of life, you gain the capacity to find true equanimity. This practice empowers our capacity to transcend old mental patterns and behaviors.

4. Identify destructive thought and behavioural patterns – flip the script
Let’s be honest, we all have our destructive and self-sabotaging patterns – especially in the ways we think about ourselves and our situations. What is your go-to and well-worn emotional pattern or story? Take the time to get to know the archetypes of your core emotional traumas and wounds.

For example, do you have triggers or fears around abandonment, betrayal, being taken advantage of, or not being seen? Whatever it is, find the root of your primary wounds, and take mental note when you catch yourself repeating these patterns. You have the ability to change your story, but you must first identify your default narrative, and take your power back. This can be done through engaging in intentional healing and therapy.

5. Invest your time and emotional energy toward building healthy support systems
We all need help. And if you’re the type to not ask for help when you need it, for the sake of your well-being (and the world) cut that s*** out right now. A healthy support network takes time to build. It requires a balance of mutual giving AND receiving. And it’s totally worth it.

Do you have friends and family that you can talk to when you are going through a hard time? Or do you isolate yourself away and suffer quietly alone? Just know that it is not possible to ascend to your fullest potential by yourself. It takes a village to raise a light warrior.

We need you, and you need good support to be able to become the embodiment of your highest self. Invest the time and emotional energy to be vulnerable with those you love. Your future self will thank you for it.

6. Find an anchor to help you ground
We all need to ground – especially in the storms of your awakening and journey of evolution toward your ascension. Things can get pretty hectic and chaotic when we are being carried by the winds of transformation. As much as it is important for us to release worldly attachments and allow ourselves to explore and expand into our spiritual connections; it is just as important that we remember to ground and find a space of stability, safety, and home.

Your anchor may be something internal to yourself, a physical place, your support network, or any number of things. The important thing is, that you have the support that you need to bring you back home to yourself when things get overwhelming or too intense. Well-being is accessed through the finding of balance.

7. Know that you are worthy, trust in yourself and call forth all that you seek with confidence and faith
Believe in your true worth. Cultivate trust in yourself. You deserve all that your soul seeks. Trust in your own power and abilities to create the life you want. Allow yourself to become the fullness of the reason why you came.

Self-love is a master key to unlocking your divine potential. Remember that you are powerful, beautiful, and sacred. You are worthy. You are a creator. Embrace and invoke your true divine nature.


We are alive at a special moment in time. So many of us are opening new chapters, creating new things in the world, and in our lives. As we engage with actively re-writing our narratives about our lives and identities, we are striving to become the fullness of who we are.

Yes, Let us call forth that which we deserve, and what our souls truly desire. Let us allow abundance to flow into our lives, as we open ourselves to receive what our souls are calling for. We are worthy.

You are worthy.

Sun a.k.a Phoenix