Interfusion’s mission is to cultivate a multicultural community of visionaries seeking to elevate individual and collective consciousness and wellbeing through immersion into the unity of creative expression and to provide a welcoming space for searching souls to Explore new art forms, Share their arts with others, and Connect with likeminded spirits from around the globe.

Interfusion is a place to experience authentic art forms and a forum of unrestrained fusion of styles and influences. We empower individuals and communities to express their unique voices and gain enrichment from hearing the voices of others. We seek to bring healing, impart knowledge and inspire growth by removing all inhibitions to creativity, self-expression and personal enlightenment.

Our Values

Our mission is built on the values of Universal Love, Humility, Non-rivalry, Non-judgment, Caring, Courage and Curiosity. Embodying these values in our actions and attitudes allows Interfusion Community to thrive as a safe haven for creativity and personal growth.

Universal Love

Reverence for all humanity and creation without conditions or restraints. We experience the divine in every breath we take, voice we hear, or soul we encounter. Universal Love is the state in which we can experience our true selves and that of others, the state of ultimate liberation.


The understanding that we are lifelong students, and that each person we encounter can be a teacher. The quality of humility frees us from our ego and self-importance and opens receptivity to new learning and growth.


 When we embrace discomfort and disrupt old patterns, we expand the possibilities of our lives. We display courage when we take risks, show up as ourselves, open to vulnerability; and in so doing we can inspire others to do the same. 


By practicing non-judgment we open to the fullness of the moment, unconstrained by our rote patterns of categorization. We step back from the habitual and gain access to fuller insight.


We are attentive to the needs of those around us, and to our own. We seek to serve others while still taking care of ourselves. Caring means respecting the choices of others and compels us to act with integrity and honesty.


We hold the best interest of others at heart. By displaying courage to step out of our comfort zones, take risks, show ourselves, be vulnerable, and be true we inspire others to do the same. Through courage we expand our own horizons and pave the way for those around us to follow along.


The zest for exploration, discovery, and learning. Curiosity prompts us to take genuine interest in others and to invite new experiences, joyfully and without reservation.

Our Program

We believe that ability to fully connect with our talents and unlock our full potential is contingent upon reaching a state of complete wellbeing. Only when we feel well in our bodies and minds are our spirits free to soar towards higher states. Interfusion’s mission is to enable individuals to reach their full potential and our program is designed to nurture all dimensions of individual’s wellbeing to make that possible.

Physical Wellness

Sample dozens of ways to stay physically active, manage stress and connect with positive peer groups through engagement with movement and healing arts.

Emotional Wellness

Learn to recognize, understand, and manage your feelings in healthy ways through offerings in Mindfulness, Mediation and Tantra and find release of repressed emotions through creative movement.

Intellectual Wellness

Expose yourself to new experiences and learning opportunities to stimulate intellectual growth. Enhance your ability to concentrate and absorb new learning through Mindfulness and Meditation practices.

Social Wellness

Find a positive support group of like-minded spirits journeying to self-realization, enhance your relationship skills, and build lasting bonds by exploring, learning and playing together. Make new friends and connect with dozens of communities at jams, socials and parties.

Spiritual Wellness

Heal and energize your spirit by exploring your heart’s passions, tuning into yourself and connecting with others.

Sexual Wellness

 Take your sexual experience to a new level by exploring our offerings in Spiritual Sexuality, Intimacy and Tantra. Release emotional blocks, complexes and inhibitions and build confidence to fully connect with the joy of sexual connection.

Creative Wellness

 Need to create dwells within all of us. When our creative energy finds no outlet, it can become toxic and affect all other aspects of our wellbeing. Allow your creativity to blossom by learning new art forms, letting go fears and finding inspiration in others.