Non-Rivalry – Evolutionary Values 4

When we embrace a non-rivalrous mindset we let go of the urge to compare ourselves to and compete with others. By letting go of rivalry, we also let go of all the doubts and insecurities that rivalry breeds within us allowing ourselves to stand peaceful and confident in our authentic selves. We strive to live up our full potential and we fully and wholeheartedly support those around us who strive for the same.

Rivalry has existed since the dawn of time. It is in our animal instinct to fight for our survival. The way rivalry shows up (in our social environments) today is very different; however, our biological systems still respond as if it were a matter of life and death.

When we are in a space of competition or rivalry, our reptilian brain fires off the fight-or-flight response in our bodies (which show up as anxiety and stress). Our minds and emotions begin to conjure up negative thoughts and feelings that spiral in judgements, self-doubt, insecurity, and fear. The most primal neurological and physiological systems in our bodies interpret all of this as the threat of annihilation.

Competition is a part of our cultural DNA in the West. Our social, political, and economic systems are set up to be competitions for “the survival of the fittest”. Our sense of personal value is often measured against the perceived merits of others. This causes anxieties and insecurities to develop around our self-worth from a very young age.  

On the other hand, when we are in a space of non-rivalry, cooperation, and support, our internal systems read that as safety. When we feel safe we have more access to our prefrontal cortex, the ‘human’ part of our brain that allows for higher-order functions such as reasoning and complex emotions. When we feel safe we are more able to access and experience love, joy, inspiration, creativity, and connection to the divine.

As the most evolutionarily advanced species on this planet, humans have the unique privilege to choose what kind of environment and culture we cultivate.

And as a community striving toward greater evolution it is important that we foster those safe environments so that we can grow, thrive, and reach our fullest potential.

Our reptilian brains lie to us. You do not need to compete for your sense of self-worth; it is not something that can ever be ‘won’ through rivalry or competition.

Your self-worth is inherent. It is given. And when you root in the power of your inherent value and worthiness, you will naturally grow in self-acceptance, self-love, and the embodiment of your true-self.  

Be vigilant to observe when the presence of rivalry is causing you to compare and compete. Healthy competition can help us grow, but the kind that causes us to question our self-worth can be toxic to the soul. Watch your mind, do not allow yourself to get wrapped in stories that are riddled with self-judgements and disparaging thoughts about yourself. Instead celebrate the wins of others, and seek to support (not compete against or compare yourself to) the people around you.

You are Divine. You are Powerful. You are Beautiful. You are Sacred. Allow the confidence in this knowing to become embodied in you. For it is already yours.

Meditative invocation

I value my worth.

I admire the contributions of others.

I do not need to compare or compete to feel confident.

Sun a.k.a Phoenix