Preparing for Evolution

How does one prepare to undergo an evolutionary process? How best does one prepare when the intention is to grow?

As the world moves into a new decade, we have a beautiful opportunity to create what it is that we seek.

Your soul is calling you. Your intuition is whispering to you. Asking you to move toward something – whether it’s moving in a new direction, or deeper into yourself, or both.

Growth means venturing into uncharted territory. Even if someone has gone the path before you – for you, it means experiencing new things for the first time. This is a prerequisite to any significant change or growth.

It means diving into the unknown. Which we each approach with our own internalized patterns: such as fear, anxiety, excitement, etc.

It’s also an opportunity – to joyfully explore new parts of you, to play, and learn. To observe, understand, and accept yourself fully.

To embrace this opportunity is the invitation to you for Evolution 2020.

As you prepare for the journey that’s ahead, here are some things that you can do to gear up for the festival.

Recommendations for internal preparation:

  1. Reflect and identify in what ways you want to grow.
  2. Identify ways that you can self-care while at the festival (and bring anything you would need for this with you).
  3. Embrace authenticity, deep inner knowing of yourself, and honoring your boundaries.
  4. Release expectation and attachments to the things that live inside your comfort zone.
  5. Embrace and encourage yourself to stretch and experience new things.
  6. Spend as much time as you can in appreciation and gratitude.
  7. Call in resilience, courage, and curiosity.

Recommendations for logistical preparation:

As humans gathering for an amazing 4 days of evolutionary exploration, there’s also a layer of practical preparation that is necessary. So please make sure that if you can, to bring these things:

  1. Notebook & Pen (for journaling & taking notes at workshops)
  2. Yoga mat (we have some but can’t guarantee one for everyone)
  3. Reusable water bottle (to keep hydrated and reduce waste)
  4. Night party themed outfits and costumes (galaxies, fairy tales, onesies)
  5. For Healing Arts workshops: Comfortable clothing
  6. For Dance workshops Dance shoes or socks (heels must have ankle strap)
  7. For Acro-Yoga workshops: Yoga-type clothing (recommended but not necessary: Sport towel, hand sanitizer 
and dry chalk.)

You can also check your Welcome Package for more of these kinds of details.

This year marks a moment in time for humanity, where new things are possible.

Let us be part of what makes it beautiful.

Can’t wait to embrace you in the sacred space we create together!

Let us become the change we wish for the world.

Let us evolve.

Sun a.k.a Phoenix